Donau Aquae - an Introduction

Donau Aquae cares for waterDonau Aquae is a joint-venture of the Austrian producer of water treatment chemicals Donau Chemie AG and the chemicals-distributor B&C SRL.

In Donau Aquae the strengths of both partners could be combined: Production and development of high quality products for water treatment and long time experience in sales and logistics.

The team of Donau Aquae provides products for a wide range of applications in water treatment as well as for special industrial applications.

We guarantee quality, efficiency, security of supply and reliability of operation for our customers - complemented by state-of-the-art analytics, expert advice and technical support.  

Donau Aquae Srl Via Madonna 17I-22070 Guanzate (CO), Italy
+39 031 35 29 225/227
+39 031 899 366
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