Product lines:

DONAUFLOC - Coagulants (polyelectrolytes) organic and inorganic liquid and powder

DONAUFOAM - Defoamers

DONAUSORB - Activated carbons

DONAUDEC - Cationic resins bleaches

DONAUQUARZ - Quartzites

DONAUBAC - Enzymatic bacterial and nutritious mixtures

DONAUSAN - Sanitizing and swimming pools products


  • Water Treatment
    Water Treatment

    The conservation of the life essential water resources will be one of the most important subjects in the next years. We - the Donau Aquae team - make our contribution to this task as well by providing products and competent solutions for the drinking water production on the one hand and for the treatment of waste water on the other hand.

  • Paper and Pulp
    Paper and Pulp

    The production of paper in aqueous systems is a highly complex interaction between human, machines, raw material wood and applied chemicals. As the water cycles are more and more closed and the quality requirements for the paper increase, the used chemicals have to be adjusted perfectly to the system. We can offer tailor-made solutions by...

  • Additives for Biogas Production
    Additives for Biogas Production

    Energy production by using organic residues and renewable resources gains in importance more and more. Donau Bellamethan optimizes the biogas process by its well balanced product characteristics and supports you to maintain a stable and safe production.

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