Water Treatment for Public Swimming Pools

Baden - hygienisch einwandfreiOur expertise in connection with a capacious range of high-class products assures the safe and hygienic operation of public swimming pools.

Safety is one of our very top priorities, that is why we also offer safety and application training courses which can last from anywhere between two hours and a day.

In Carinthia and Lower Austria chlorine gas, pH increasers, pH decreasers and flocculants are produced in pure and top quality. This domestic production ensures reliable delivery and also contributes to creating employment in Austria.

Product range / Our expertise encompasses:

  • Chlorine barrels 1000 kg
  • Chlorine barrels 500 kg
  • Chlorine bottles 50–65 kg
  • Emergency cap for bottles
  • Emergency cap for barrels
  • pH increasers and decreasers
  • Flocculants
  • Safety and application training

For application as biocide: use biocides savely.
Before usage please check always the product labels and informations.

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