Drinking Water Treatment

TrinkwasserThe demand for hygienic potable water will increase in the future. Natural untreated water sources are not and will not be able to fulfil this demand. So an enhanced effort will be needed to produce enough drinking water.
Here reliability will play an important role:
  • reliability regarding elimination of pathogens
  • reliability regarding a broadband effect
  • reliability regarding the sustainable application of the product

Recently developed polyaluminium based treatment technologies will play an important role in the next years and will define the quality standards for these applications. Our Donau PAC products like Donau PAC HB and Donau PAC HBS are some of these innovative and successful developments.

Sphere of competences
  • disinfection
  • turbidity control
  • decolourisation
  • removal of algae
  • removal of humic substances
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