Product name: Donau Acquabella

Waste Water Treatment

Water, Utilities & Services, Pools
The Donau Acquabella product family includes a group of multi-component products with biologically important ingredients. Due to our long-time experience we can provide a new development from our own production which contains monomeric and polymeric aluminium ions, various iron salts, alkali and earth alkali metals (like Magnesia and Calcium) and trace substances. The products
  • improve the biological process and the operation of your water treatment,
  • precipitate phosphates reliably,
  • fix harmful sulphur compounds,
  • inhibit filamentous bacteria like Microthrix parvicella and Nocardia,
  • combat problems with foam in the aerobic and anaerobic treatment step,
  • improve your sludge conditioning process
The Donau Acquabella product family offers a selection of products for different requirements.
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